The most anticipated thing on T.V. for a very, very long time…


Game of thrones – Season 7


It is without a doubt that this is one of them most anticipated T.V. season ever. A series of books that once put on screen was not just a hit but a record breaker. For a very long time the T.V. show was the highest pirated digital media in history. This was extremely impressive but anyone who is a fan (myself included) was not surprised. George RR Martin took people by storm with his writing and the producers made a colossal success in their adaptation to television. If not the most expensive, it’s certainly in the top 3 T.V. shows that the cost per episode is so incredibly high. Season 7 is what all the fans are waiting for and much to our disappointment, it has been delayed to release in the summer. Though rumors have begun to circulate that we might be able to expect it to release on June 25th of 2017, reason for this being that on IMDB episode 1 for season 7 is marked to be released then. Fans across the internet are all buzzing with the news and if we weren’t excited enough, big stars like Emilia Clarke(who plays Daenerys Targaryen) described the upcoming season as a “mind-blower”. At the sound of this, tweeters began tweeting, bloggers started blogging and everyone is going absolutely mental. One thing is for sure we want season 7 and we all expect great things.


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