Publishers are hiring ‘sensitivity readers’


This has to be the biggest joke I have ever heard. The sad part is that this isn’t a joke and I am not laughing. They claim that this is to not offend anyone, but this has now gone from being respectful to full blown censorship.

The situation is that a work of fiction must now be scrutinized by someone that is a third party and only looks for things that might be offensive. At first this sounds perfectly reasonable though when a writer must alter their work to appease others, its like asking a painter to cover nudity. Artistic expression is only artistic if the artist is free to create what they please. Young-adult author Keira Drake was forced to revise her fantasy novel “The Continent” after an online uproar over its portrayal of people of color and Native backgrounds.

Let me point out very clearly this was a work of FANTASY which means it is not meant to reflect reality. If this is a work of Fantasy, perhaps the elements of racism are meant to be there to portray the story better. I’m not saying that racism is required to portray a good book but perhaps in the circumstances of this story it made sense for that element to be there. 

At this rate, a character who supposed to be a villain will be antagonized for “petting the bunny too hard



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