Feelings vs logic


I recently felt I have to talk about this. As time goes by I notice that more and more people are turning to how they feel about a problem rather than a logical solution. At first, you might be thinking how bad could this possibly be?

The answer is actually catastrophic.

When enough people share the same consensus or feeling, this creates a movement; for better or for worse. To start, we need to understand how this works; in the 1960s being liberal was at the time being a rebel and people used a mix of feeling and logic but leaning towards feelings of social injustice. As time progressed this escalated into a more feelings-based approach that is shedding logic at an alarming rate. This has affected social norms, pop culture and a myriad of others. This, of course, gave birth to the tolerance movement, something which was a fantastic thing when it first started as it began to push back against racism, xenophobia, sexism & homophobia to name a few.

Now normally when someone fights for a cause and the battle is won, they turn around and go home. This time the war has not ended despite the above being made illegal; the goal that original social justice warriors fought for. This, in turn, creates a situation where those who were once a minority gain more strength and power than the majority, which in turn creates the very opposite of a democracy. Based on the current situation of the world it’s starting to sound like a non-noble aristocratic society; mind boggling I know. Funnily enough, most of the advocates of the social justices would be no better than trump when he actually got elected and only then realized how much more the job entails. Slowly politicians are succumbing to some concepts of SJWs which are misguided, to say the least, and this is leading to policies that affect even children in schools.

An example would be to remove certain literary options that despite being literary classics are deemed as offensive for any number of reasons. This is the wrong approach because while these books discuss concepts that are illegal today, these were the norm at that time. There is a famous saying that he who does not know his own history is bound to repeat it, but how dangerous is it to try and redact one’s own history. Isn’t this a condemnation of future generations to ignorance?

Now many might not agree with this, but I am blessed with freedom of speech to express my opinion. I believe that society’s leaders need to take an approach based more on logic rather than what people feel. Scary thought of course for any politician, but in there lies the question; is the politician trying to make their country better or is getting re-elected more important?

I will not answer this question for anyone but the concept of rational logical thinking must be made more prominent in society, no matter the person’s station. It is that with logic, one could seek and very often achieve higher status whether health, wealth or spiritual and social standing. That is only on a personal basis, on a larger scale though logic can be explained to others and can make understanding one another more streamlined; much like well-established scientific concepts rather than trying to understand the complexity of feelings and circumstances of another. I am not saying that emotions should be cut out completely but rather kept in check in certain situations, so as to make the right decision that reflects the best outcome achievable



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