When a mass murderer turns to cyber warfare.


We’ve all heard of the choking game. A game that many young people have heard about but very few have actually tried. The point of the choking game was to slowly cut off the oxygen supply to the head and it would create a quasi-high.

However, in Russia, a more sinister game was created. A game that targets young teenagers and eventually kills them. The game is called the Blue Whale Game.

A few years ago(around 2015),  a 21-year-old Russian called Philipp Budeikin created the game. This game is a slow brainwashing game that starts tricking players by giving them a set of 50 tasks, the last of which asks them to commit suicide. At first, the tasks of the game are fairly simple if not odd. An example is telling someone to wake up at odd times or to draw a blue whale. But as the game progresses the tasks become more sinister.  Tasks were designed to slowly desensitize the player and bring them to the point of being under a sort of hypnosis where they don’t see what the task they’re assigned involves but rather that it is a task they need to complete without question.  This fact alone is terrifying but what is even scarier is that between 2015 and 2016, there is an estimated 130 deaths that are linked to this game. 

Please be aware of this game and if anyone you know or you yourself perhaps are involved in it,



No matter where you are in the world or how you feel, somebody does care and I urge to contact the suicide hotline. If you think only weak people get these thoughts then you would be wrong. If you or someone you know needs help, contact the suicide hotline or police and ask for help. If you yourself feel that nobody understand, please know that someone wants to understand and they can help.  If you feel that you need help, click the link below to the google search for the Samaritans or the suicide hotline.



Suicide Prevention Line


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