…a Rant on how he wants to prove a point… but not be president.


From practically day one, Trump made it clear that he planned on not only serving one term, but also get re-elected to be one of those proverbial; “two-timing”  whatever you want to call them.

If you ask me, he just plans on serving two terms by just doing enough to get by and serve a second term just to prove a point.

You see… When Obama publicly humiliated Trump at that infamous presidential dinner, Trump only heard the following ; 

…there is no way you could ever win Donald…

To which Trump inwardly replied, in what he thinks is his big boy voice;

…oh I see… is that right? *nods vigorously* wanna bet?

And from that day forward he began to act. Trump only wanted to prove yet another point.

I feel that he is simple to understand in the fact that he is goal orientated, in a singular fashion manner. In a way he must have been a fairly simple child to raise, his father must have told him something to want to build when he loaned him that “small loan”; and with that in mind, he would go on to build a business empire.

Then someone must have said something along the lines that no matter how much money he had, he could never be a star; and so Donald would have a new goal and eventually became a reality star.

Till that fateful dinner party….. oh well…

Personally, I think there is only one way that humanity can get a positive result out of Trump’s presidency.

Find out who Trump looks up to and get that person to challenge Trump to not only be a President but also be a wise leader. 

Do that and Trump will strive for a more peaceful world, being the go-getter that he is; he would probably manage to get the vast majority of the world leaders on the same side to some form of a mutually beneficial situation. I doubt it would be money personally, but it will have to do with energy and technology. Everyone is pushing for the reduction of fossil fuel usage to instead use renewable sources such as solar power. If the technology gets any cheaper, it won’t be long before it becomes a household standard much in the same way that a big TV is in your average western household. 

And lets not forget that Trump is a business man by trade, he is a guy that understands that repeat business means more profit. If Trump really takes upon himself this kind of challenge, to be that kind of leader; then he could make America great again…… but this is quite the long shot…. still might as well try…

Now if only somebody he respects, could challenge him to be such a leader…. maybe one can only hope; or dream….


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