Will they both actually reach the finish line?

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You know the crazy part about this, they threw so many insults and threats at each other; that they gave the world a few heart palpitations and yet they’ve now actually set a deadline to a meet. 

Now some betting companies are already taking bets as to whether the meeting gets scrapped and if it does, by whom. 

However, I have noticed that many news agencies are remaining rather silent of the potential for a positive reaction to this. I’m actually a little disappointed by this because while Trump has done many gaffs that should have ruined a politician’s career, the possibility of solving a decades-long issue is now on a potential countdown once more and nobody seems to care.

I do have some thought-provoking questions, based on the interesting U-turn that the US president has done with regards to the option of sitting at the negotiations table with North Korea; while at the same time tensions with Russia grow.

Does it seem possible that the Korean conflict might be extinguished, and if so who would ultimately be the leader of a unified Korea?

Also, is the US trying to cut off any of the competitors’ support?

Let’s not forget, North Korea is friendly with China who is in turn friends with Russia. If the North Koreans step back from the conflict arena housing the major superpowers, then China would be forced into choosing between helping one country or several (at the very least, abstain from involvement).

But we digress.

I have a funny question for you all to ponder; will Trump try his famous handshake with Kim. I think he will, hopefully, the dictator won’t realize. Provide the meeting even happens as some white house aide, already believe it will fail.

So can the Donald pull off this bold move?


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