Why is it so hard, to speak about what we see and hear?


The world is ever-changing and as always there are those who try to fight change. The reasons can be varied with some being legitimate and others ridiculous.

The reason for this change, however, is really ridiculous.

As time goes by, more and more people are succumbing to the fear of not only not being able to fearlessly speak their opinion in a civilized manner, but even ask questions.

Is this a healthy road for society?

Certainly not, how long before we begin to attempt to regulate thoughts? A calmer approach must be adopted by those claiming to be defenders of the oppressed. I understand that you might have found something offensive, but if you want the rest of the populace to understand then it must be understood that shouting is not the only method of communication afforded to you by millennia of natural evolution. The internet community at large is becoming a movement of outrage and will only listen to those they disagree with to reply. ….handy hint… taking the time to understand your opponent will reveal the weaknesses in his drive, reasoning and objective. Sun Tzu’s  original words are: 

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

This couldn’t be more correct. This is why the internet is chock full of videos that make fun of certain movements. You watch a few clips and you notice that very often those who do try to respond often do so with a cycle of slogans, rhetoric or even a barrage of insults and in the few moments between one of the above options they will sometimes allow a response. When out argued as many often are, they turn around and run or begin the cycle again.

I personally would have a lot more respect for their perspective if when faced with a difficult decision, they would at the very least admit that they do not have a good response but it is a question they will try to solve. This at least shows that a person wants to make an informed decision before making the decision.


An individual that makes an informed decision will always be a positive influence on their society. The only way for an individual to be informed is to ask the question.



One thought on “Why is it so hard, to speak about what we see and hear?

  1. To question is what we nurture in our children, or at least what we should be nurturing. All too often they are ignored or indoctrinated. As adults we have the ability to question but more often than not, we will not ask the right question….So in the end we get the answers we deserve.


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