Making a joke, could land you in jail…


I am shocked, by the amount of damage the language police have caused.

A YouTuber known as CountDankula has been found guilty of hate speech for making a joke. The reason the joke was considered to be hate speech, was because the prosecution said and the judge agrees that the “context and intent are irrelevant”.

The context of a joke… not relevant…?????

Context is what allows a joke to be funny in the first place…. but let’s get back to the issue here.

If you haven’t heard about CountDankula or the “Nazi Pug”; a quick google search will explain everything. And while some agree with the judge, a flood of support has come down to endorse the YouTuber.

Everything from fellow YouTubers, to famous comedians and other celebrities who all agree that the fact that the comedian was found guilty, is the denial of freedom of speech.

In the video, you will see how he does say things like “gas the Jews” and any sane person will agree that that is a horrible thing to say; but it’s for the context of a joke which he intended and started as one on his girlfriend.

It has to be understood that this man will have to spend time in prison because he made a joke. What’s more frightening is that when the judge said that the context or intent is irrelevant; that means that people could actually wait around until you say a sequence of words, that could be just enough to accuse you with. Despite the context.

I don’t know about you, but I think that is a frightening omen of the future of our liberties.


2 thoughts on “Making a joke, could land you in jail…

  1. One of the biggest questions ever posed when running an international classifed ad website… Why should we refuse Mein Kampf … 1. Its a historical piece of literature where a crap writer lays down a load of boring gumpf…He doesnt say gas the jews however…as it wasnt his idea. 2. To argue correctly against these thoughts, one must first understand them and be able to reason …. Does this mean that this sketch can no longer be aired? It’s a sad day indeed for the freedom of speech

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    1. If that was to air, it would have to be part of a special memorial or occasion where it goes on all day and they air this part at a very late time and with a tonne of warnings and viewer discretion and yada yada yada before that…… so as to ensure that viewers know, that they might see something that is horrendously offensive and would be of sound mind to brace themselves before watching it.


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