To shoot or not to shoot?

…not precisely Shakespeare I know, but let us try to ask this question.

Why doesn’t the USA hold a
National Referendum
on the 2nd amendment?

The gun debate continues to rage, with both sides of the argument using a variety of views to justify their stance on gun ownership. It also needs to be clear that both sides make compelling arguments that demand serious consideration. Perhaps the public should answer the question of whether it is a right to own a firearm or not.

Political figures are either pro-gun or anti-gun, but while everyone screams different arguments, nobody is taking the simple question and putting it on display.

And why would they?

It would put a debate to an end.
It would remove a reason for support.
It would remove one of their tools of gaining support.

Think about your position of the debate and see whom you supported because of that, and then look at the same politician’s public policies and tell me if you still agree. Some people will find that their stance on whom they support, rested on an argument of whether it is a right to own a firearm but found the public policies to be shocking.

And oh boy, is it media on board with this debate. Shocking news stories that inspire fear or anger is an excellent way to attract attention

So why not let the public decide? Put forward a vote…

Should people have the right to own a gun?

Let us say we removed guns?

….the pro-gun side ask: “Well what about the guns acquired or owned illegally?”

Everybody agrees that illegally owned weapons should be considered a serious crime.  The problem is that it is not considered one.

Don’t believe me?

In the US, it is a precise statistic that the vast majority of mass shootings take place with the use of a handgun.

Nevertheless, the average maximum penalty of the US for owning an unlicensed weapon is only 3.5 years, except for New York, where their laws state : 

Possess loaded firearm without permit, outside of person’s home or place of business: class C felony, classified as violent felony offense, punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment, with a mandatory minimum of 3.5 years

So obviously, for some violent individuals, it is not that frightening to risk three and a half years in prison. 

Owning an unlicensed weapon should be a severe crime that should carry a very hefty punishment. Some might argue that this can be applied, but others might feel that it is not good enough. Either way, it would undoubtedly be a better stance at adding deterrents of obtaining illegal firearms. The risk of a mandatory long term sentence would undoubtedly make many individuals think twice about even acquiring the gun illegally, let alone attempting a violent action.

So then we keep the guns, right?

…hold on, should all guns be ok?


This machine gun is perfectly legal to own in the US, as long it is a semi-automatic. However, is it reasonably acceptable to own a weapon that can support such a high quantity of rounds and would permit an offender to spend such a long time in between having to re-load and thereby be a threat for much longer before being vulnerable to being subdued? (Image Source)


Well, the gun is useless without bullets. So why not place a cap on how many bullets certain guns owners can own.

This being defined by how much one gun can hold with being fully loaded.


You don’t need more than one magazine to protect yourself. Having enough to fire some warning shots and some for the possibility of an actual need for self-defence arising should be enough.


So do you agree that that the public should decide, once and for all?

Should people still have the right to own a gun?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


BORIS’s one major obstacle in delivering Brexit; The Law.

Header image source

Boris tried to force the EU to choose, the Northern Irish people and all those affected by Brexit or their word.

So why was the deal he presented such a dangerous gamble? Should the EU concede to his demands, then it opens up the possibility of other countries attempting to make more significant demands on the EU as well. However, Boris would have had a credible threat had there not been the Benn Act.

On the 6th of September 2019, parliament passed a bill the would require the Prime Minister to seek an extension to the Brexit withdrawal date. Now nobody has mentioned what the penalty is if this law is broken. One could speculate though that it is probably a hefty fine which will probably be paid for by those that will gain millions out of Brexit.

boris_johnsonHere’s the rub, Boris is set to prorogue parliament on the 8th of October with the queen’s speech to be on schedule for the 14th of October. This only brings to light how Johnson’s dangerous gamble is walking the razor’s edge whilst carrying the future of the UK.

While everyone is getting anxious, it is as if the British Prime minister wants to play a game of chicken with the EU. To see who backs down first. One thing is sure, Boris is now expected to seek the extension if no deal is reached by the 19th of October. The only other alternative is that Boris is fully aware and willing to break the law.

What could he be planning? Or rather; how does he expect things to unfold should he break that law?


October 19th rolls by and Boris continues to refuse to request the extension. Parliament will, of course, be in an uproar and an election would be called. As we previously mentioned above, there is no known penalty should the British Prime Minister break that law and he expects to get a simple slap on the wrist. Meanwhile over those few days, the clock ticks away the days until the election and its results come in. The conservatives win government and Boris gets to be the one man that delivered Brexit.



Meanwhile, Brussels is saying that what has been presented is not good enough. Guy Verhofstadt, chair of the European Parliament’s Brexit steering group, said they were “absolutely not positive” about Mr Johnson’s plan, adding “It doesn’t provide the necessary safeguards for Ireland.




As expected, the two border system has not gone down well with Ireland and Leo Varadkar is scheduled to meet with Boris Johnson. Varadker said: “he believes a Brexit deal can still be struck“. 


Everyone is feeling the pressure as the deadline looms and the only thing agreed is that time is running out. Meanwhile, a video displayed by the Irish times talking to the common man on the street, presented some people in Ireland are afraid that the violent days of the past could return.


Has the immigration crisis alarmed the EU?


In 2015, Europe saw over 1 million asylum seekers arrive, with Germany taking the first step in August 2015 to open its borders. Other European states followed the example, and since then, that number has risen to a staggering 4 million people. But where are we today? Some of the most welcoming countries are waking up to a scary realisation of an increase of right-wing groups. More shockingly than this, is that one of the countries to report a sharp rise in alt-right activity is none other than Sweeden.

But how did a country so progressive make such a u-turn?

Most of the supporters of these right-wing groups are disgruntled conservatives and people who have just or about to fall beneath the poverty line. But many people are unhappy that the taxpayers’ money is being used to fund these welfare programs. But is the slight addition to the host country’s economy, is that really all that’s pushed so many people to support right-wing parties?

Well not quite, you see many are unhappy with what they claim to be no-go-zones. 

Here is a small clip from 60 minutes on Sweeden and its so-called no-go-zone.


But, perhaps we’re overblowing this situation, and it is just limited to Sweeden?

France is also facing clashes. With incidents happening specifically on religious sites, also begs the question of drawing a line between religious freedom racist behaviour. Instead of asking if taking in refugees will make the problem disappear, shouldn’t the world be wondering about what can be done?

Sources (Clockwise: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3)

But what does all this say?

Countries of different cultures can co-exist, trade, and have a peaceful relationship; so what’s happening in the EU? Some believe that cultures who have been forced together end up clashing. Although others insist that this kind of suggestion is racist and that there should be no problem in taking on more refugees. But things didn’t go according to plan, and videos that have circulated online are not helping the situation.

So what happened?

Is the culture clash bigger than we thought? And was it carried out too suddenly to expect migrants to assimilate correctly?
Was mass immigration too rushed?
For how long can Europe continue to take in migrants?

Can you name a modern fascist group?……ANTIFA.


Nowadays, a very quick and easy response to conservatives is the label: “Fascist!”

But where does it come from?

Now most people would automatically think of WWII and the Nazis….wrong

Some will actually say it’s from the Italian word fascismo, referring to the political movement spearheaded by Benito Mussolini…..close….but still wrong.

I say close because it did originate in Italy(not Germany) and was conceptualized by one Giovanni Gentile.


 The man was the self-styled “Philosopher of Fascism” and was essential in creating the foundation of fascism.

Well, Giovanni’s philosophical mentor and inspiration was none other than Karl Marx. In his writings about fascism, Gentile explained how he believed that the entire community was at the service of the state because the state was the community. Sound familiar? Hold that thought.



Fun Fact about fascism: It’s a form of Government, not a political alignment.

The Nazi party was an ultra-nationalist party that used fascism to function.

So what exactly is Fascism? Fascism is a form of government that most noticeably uses the forcible suppression of opposition and control of media, industry, and commerce. 

Notice how no mention of political alignment is mentioned there. That’s because the opposite of Fascism is not communism, but rather libertarian.

Neither a socialist or a nationalist must exclusively be a fascist.

Now ANTIFA is short for Anti Fascist. Ironic that their methods are exactly like those of those they hate. ANTIFA is a self-proclaimed left-wing group that feels that they can use any means necessary to crush whoever they feel is part of, or in support of Neo-Nazism and far-right groups. While that doesn’t sound too bad, they really do mean, any means necessary.

The real problem is, they very often award the label of fascist, to anyone who disagrees with them. This is where that previously mention, any means necessary, happens. It always involves yelling and very often if there are enough members, they will surround the person. From a bird’s eye view,  it probably looks like the exact definition of a mob. There have even been serious reports of extremely violent crimes committed by ANTIFA members.

ANTIFA has been known to also start riots that commit violence by targeting anything they consider to be commercially owned, be it businesses, property or cars.

Their idea is that a community has a right to defend itself against anything it considers a threat, even if it is an idea. Freedom of speech is acceptable as long as it conforms to their socio-political ideology. Otherwise, that freedom is drowned out by the noise of being labelled and branded.


It’s ironic isn’t it, those who wish to preserve freedom of speech and freedom of expression are quick to crush the speech and expression that doesn’t agree with theirs.

The truth is if one fine day somebody could actually hand over everything this group demands, the hoped-for result of an absolute balance, would turn out to be a one-way ticket to anarchy(no stops and no turnarounds).

….and where are we today?

It is true, the numbers of this violent group are dwindling. But certain left-wing politicians, are working quite hard to push certain parts of the establishment the wrong way.  Just like what happened recently in Portland, Oregon. In a violent clash between Antifa and a free-speech group(who some, have claimed are a far-right group), it was noted that police seemed uninterested in the Antifa rioters and seemed to focus on their opponents.

Many have pointed out online that Portland’s mayor has quite the reputation for being quite the hardcore left winger who prefers to turn a blind eye to Antifa as they are self-proclaimed left-wingers too. I believe this just goes to show, that while the left, makes accusations of corruption, they also make use of …the end justifies the means… attitude also. 

When a cause is pushed without prudence at the helm, it’s bound to fall into the same traps as it’s failed, predecessors.

With society turning into one big complaints department, thank God for capitalism…


I mean it, take a good look at your local social media feeds and you’ll find too many people, complaining about too many arbitrary


We are slowly but surely becoming lazier, ridiculously wastefully and self-centered. 



So why is it a good thing that we live in a capitalist society?

Well complaining about a problem doesn’t always solve problems and when it does, it is simply a patch up job that is only there as a quick fix; but does not solve the heart of the problem. This allows the problem to resurface later on. The best case scenario here very often is that the situation hasn’t gotten worse.

A capitalist society means that someone will find a solution, for a price. Eventually, the price goes down and becomes more affordable for the many. Many people agree that trickle-down economics backfired, but trickle down technology means that eventually, everyone gets a better quality of life.

How does capitalism therefore help?

Well, the short answer is: it drives progress. Capitalism is all about profit, this is what a business is out to acquire. Very often, that means having the latest product that offers more value for money than the competition. And somebody has to make that latest product. That somebody is paid a lot of money for a very profitable idea, so people do have an incentive to excel in the convenient world we have built for ourselves.

It’s kinda funny, isn’t it…

Human beings are the only species that could achieve a global unity; yet for us to have come thus far, we were driven by the hard-wired lesson in our minds on having a selfish sense of self-preservation. 


People should try to pursue a dream with passion, even more so when it has the potential to sustain them and become their livelihood. When people do this they are helping an economy grow in a positive way, this is why we need to support our local entrepreneurs. These are the builders of a better world.

If you have a dream then follow it. If you know someone who has a dream and you can help, do it.

Is this ideal, actually yes. As society continues to advance its means of communication the world is becoming a smaller place, so the means to help one another is growing. 


Progress is not driven by big corporations who handle small problems, but by small individuals who understand the big picture to find the solution.



Gender quotas… Well-intentioned, but illogical.


“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” 

                                                                                       ― T.S. Eliot

When a progressive idea has to be enforced by the rule of law, you have a clear indication that you are faced with a destructive communal problem.

…and that’s exactly what imposed gender quotas are. 

While I’m all for equal opportunity, I don’t think that gender quotas are. I will be the first person to say that anyone can try to achieve a dream or goal and I would be the first to applaud it…but this is about choosing the best person for the job.

When it comes to performance in a career, a regular job or even trying to gain recognition for your passion; people expect a lot. It’s that simple… Some people scream that’s not fair, but I think that it is. Anyone can at the very least endeavor, to take on a task with the right combination of guidance, experience and hard work (and let’s be honest a good bit of luck at the right time), anyone can achieve any realistic goal they pursue. 

Sometimes, this leads to certain imbalances in certain work environments and this is to be expected. Society itself chooses its preferred opinion on various matters..much like politics. This is reflected also in various industry studies where men were more likely to choose certain career paths than women while women themselves held dominion over other industries.

Has this been affected differently across various cultures?

Of course.

Does that mean we can enforce a U-turn? 

Absolutely not.

So what can we do?

Well, the thing is this… 

Let’s think of a job(or whatever requirement for some sort of earning) environment. Now let’s think of the team. If you want your team to win, then you need the right teammates. Anyone who has the capacity for rational thought and/or is leading a team understands that the package in which the right teammate comes in; is irrelevant…it’s the performance that counts.

It’s also important to point out that in reality, you can in the interest of equality quotas even continue to subdivide people into so many more groups that it is a short and fast shortcut to ridiculous. Instead of trying to impose a quota, the positive attitude towards working towards a dream needs to be taught from an early age onward. 

I’m not talking about unrealistic expectations here, but if people can be instilled with the courage to attempt regular baby steps towards achieving a goal…then society will start to experience many more winners, a lot fewer whiners. 


Where in the world is burning? : ART. 02



Some claim that Kim will go back on his deal…

Here is something to think about however…you know the fact that they might bury the hatchet, actually means the hatchet has to go somewhere else.

What am I talking about?

Image source

The USA has about 23,000 soldiers in South Korea, probably some more in nearby countries too. Now let’s say that all of those soldiers, who are standing at the ready to push back an evil invader; suddenly have no one to protect against.

What are they gonna do? Send them home?….

With tension’s rising in Syria, the US will get more troops involved. Now I know he said he will get them out. Well if he is pulled into a conflict, he certainly won’t.

Syria isn’t the only problem though. Today there was another suicide attack in Kabul, journalists, and civilians the target as terrorists carried out horrific attacks. 

This wasn’t your average terrorist attack either… this plan was carried out with real malicious intent.

On Monday, a terrorist detonated a suicide vest, killing and injuring various people. If this wasn’t terrible enough, it gets worse. A second terrorist watched on, then pretended to be a journalist so that when other nearby journalists and civilians would rush over; he could detonate a second suicide vest and continue to injure and kill even more journalists. I have to be honest, I think both terrorists were sick people; the second had to have certain kind of malice though, to be able to watch one person kill themselves and enough people to cause more people to rush over and use it as a way to draw them in to kill more of them… That’s not human.

The rest of the world watches as Syria continues to be eradicated by a civil war(that involves 8 different parties). 

Support for the Syrian Ba’athist government

  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Hezbollah
  • Iraq
  • Companies

Support for Syrian opposition

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Turkey
  • Arab League
  • Support from non-state groups

The thing is this, every one of those countries has a goal, but that doesn’t mean that their goals are also supporting what their compatriots support.

This is why the situation continues to worsen and why governments need to step up their game. The entire middle east has become a problem that is not limited to the middle east but is being suffered by everyone. 

Some are even arguing that rather the rest of the world step in to set them straight, in future we should simply hang back and “let them settle it amongst themselves”. What do you think?

So that’s what has been going on, tune in next month for another perusal of problems faced by the egomaniacs we call world leaders.


Trump is going for gold.



Trump’s ticket to his second term is within his reach, as North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un declares the country will be halting nuclear/ ICBM tests.

Trump quickly followed up this news with the following tweet:

Bearing in mind that Trump said that this meeting is going to happen by end of May, I would say he is pretty much at the finish line.

To be honest, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall under; not supporting this would have to be the dumbest you could do this year. I’m not a fan of Trump but a successful summit with North Korea has so many positive possibilities that I believe nobody could fault.

Consider the humanitarian effort:

It’s no secret that there is a large percentage of the population living in abysmal conditions. Peace talks could start to alleviate their suffering and perhaps even allowing aid groups to go in and to help. Not to mention pushing to eliminate the three generational punishments. 


Here’s a thought I had. There is a large presence of the US military within the vicinity of North Korea, to act as a deterrent should the dictator feel a little trigger happy.  But if peace is established and the majority of those military personnel leave ( I say majority because let’s face it, where the Americans land they never leave. ), then they have to go somewhere.

Question is where?….

Well there’s always the middle east…but something tells me they’ll go a bit north….( food for thought )

Back to the matter at hand though. Should Trump and Kim both make it to the meeting, then Trump would have a diplomatic victory that will boost his approval and guarantee his position for a second term as a US president.

n7jy2hlx8j (1)
Will populism over-power liberalism?

This is how populists rise, on the back of the nation by giving them exactly what they want. The US is in the current mindset as at the end of the 1970’s. The hippie movement was losing one of their core factors of their raison d’être and so are the hardcore liberal movements today.

Is this a mournful farewell to progress? I think quite the opposite. Should the progressive achievements now be given time to settle in as part our cultural norms, optimistically speaking; I think that we can look forward to a time where a lot of innovation and change will be going on as well as a lot of growth.

This, however, is not the sole responsibility of governments though, we the people must do our part in electing the right leaders. At the moment, I personally don’t like Trump; however, it would be wrong to say that he hasn’t done anything good.

So far, the good he has done is worth its merit and praise. So I’m personally already starting to say he will get his second term…I guess we’ll find out.

US, UK and France launch airstrikes on Syria….and Russia ain’t happy.


Sabres out and first blood has been drawn.

We have another war on our hands, and to be honest I’m not surprised. I mean let’s be honest, 


….who needs a war for the American economy…you know their economy can’t survive without a good fight going on… So what’s happened here? While some people have said,

didn’t Trump want to get along with Putin? he said so during his presidential campaign…. he even congratulated Putin on his last electoral victory.

Yes, those are all true. I think the reason might be as follows:

While Trump had previously been going off on Twitter at the North Korean Dictator, their spiralling descent to chaos took a sudden U-turn when Trump accepted an invitation to meet with Kim Jung-un. The world was momentarily stunned. (1)
Article on TRUMP meeting KIM JUNG-UN

Could it happen?!

Two of the biggest hotheads in the world.


Could they actually manage to blow off enough steam at each other, that they would be able to both sit at the table and cut the bullshit to sort it out? It might look that way. The reason being that Trump needs a war for his economy and with a chance for diplomatic victory for the history books…

…becoming the first US president to meet a leader of North Korea…

 Trump needs to point his barrel elsewhere.  Theresa May was conveniently having a big disagreement with Russia, so it was only too easy to shift the aim to Putin. Trump’s choice was simple, the ally they have a good history with or the country who they have been on difficult terms with and have a history of being enemies. Is his choice surprising? …No…

On to Theresa May?

Article on how Uk – Russian Ties don’t look good.

If she took Russia’s side on the Syria situation, all her credibility will be lostthe public sentiment being “what little credibility she has”… In a press conference, she tried to explain how they took a limited amount of action because the had a window of opportunity with a short time duration. Though the truth is that the UK is trying to send a message to Putin. The Russian Spy incident is, of course, a looming shadow over all the currently ongoing activity that might relate to the UK and Russia working side by side. The incident itself triggering a massive recall of diplomats to their respective countries, in and out of Russia. Many people felt a lot of concern as the ties continue to degrade.

What about Macron?

Well in case you didn’t know; before Macron entered a political career, he was an investment banker.

What does that spark in my head?

Image source.

The man is a businessman. He was affiliated prior to his presidency, with a social liberal political party. So what does Macron care about? Pushing his country to progress in a business-like manner; meaning it has to be semi-profitable to pump back into social efforts such as social benefits. ….At least that’s what I think…

So why the airstrike? Well, Macron might be a socialist liberal who believes in progressive multiculturalism but his business nature won’t let him sit by and watch his company(France), get attacked from within. The strike in Syria is simply a gateway to get more troops on the ground there and go after the heart of terrorism(or so they perhaps will say soon). Not to mention that with the UK approaching Brexit; that leaves Macron with a big problem, he made big promises about those still sitting in Calais but they will soon not be allowed to cross into English territory and will not leave him with the washed hands he wished for. So he has supported the UK to maintain better relations with them.


So after a lot of big talk … such as Moscow warning “actions will not be left without consequences” , nothing has actually happened. Many people finding it odd that Russia seems to have backed down. In public, they claim to be very angry and have called the strikes as an act of aggression but I think the Russian’s seem pretty relieved. 

The New York Times reported :

If anything, the Kremlin may have been somewhat pleased, albeit secretly, that the United States had hit targets well away from the primary areas of Russian control, one analyst suggested.

Image Source

In reality, I think Putin had to maintain a tone of aggression, so as to maintain his current level of influence and maintain his support for Assad. The reality is that the Russians have a powerful anti-missile defence system in Syria, but they didn’t even turn it on during the strikes.

In fact, they didn’t have to, because none of the targeted areas in the strike wherein Russian interest zones.

So where does it leave us? Putin has taken the peaceful route as he pushes for a UN council meeting and a summit with Trump.



Whatever the individual real goals may be, it will perhaps seem that this airstrike was simply the overture to the next act of the Syrian theatre of war.

Where in the world is burning? : ART. 01


The Lion’s after the bear,

Pyongyang is playing with its train set,

and the eagle keeps kicking people out of the nest…

…heck of a week.

With the UK leading the charge against Russia, we kinda have to look around and understand what’s happening.

Theresa May warns Europe that Russia is a real Threat. Image Source

The recent collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers from twenty-eight different countries is the biggest in history. Tensions continue to grow, as more and more diplomats keep getting sent home and lines of diplomacy have started to degrade.



Interestingly enough North Korea’s relationship with Beijing seems to have improved as the recent rumours of a North Korean train travelling within China; turned out to be true. Convenient? I dunno…

See here’s the thing… recently Trump accepted an invitation to meet with Kim Jong-un. Part of the agreement is that the North Koreans would work to denuclearise the Korean peninsula. 

…the North Koreans were in Beijing. On an unofficial visit, but it is confirmed that they offered a pledge to denuclearise…

Kim Jong-un with the chinese delegation on his private train. Image Source

Many see this as a positive thing, but of course, you’ll still find some like Michael J Green who told ABC News :

it’s morally distasteful for the President of the United States to meet with the leader of a truly evil, Stalinist regime that is also a criminal enterprise.

The truth is that the above is proof, that many politicians push an agenda for the sake of a political game but I don’t they genuinely care about the people they represent. No one is going to dispute, that the North Korean dictator is considered to be one of the evilest people currently in power.

But the fact that even an extended hand of potentially better diplomatic ties is considered bad by Trump’s opponents, is practically sigh-worthy at this point.

The reason the Democrats are doing so badly is that instead of saying…it’s true, we don’t have a better idea… they continue to try and discredit everything without proper justification.

Don’t get me wrong, Trump gives the impression of someone who invited everyone to a party but isn’t the life of it.

He keeps firing members of staff(but apparently, he doesn’t do it himself), who then start painting a picture of what’s going on in the White House.

Donald Trump with now ex -VA Secretary David Shulkin who is the latest to the large growing list of those dismissed by the American President. Image Source 

Many claims that Trump is like a bull in a china shop and with the rising tensions with Russia, Americans are quite uneasy with their leader. A small observation is that a spokeswoman for the American State Department, referred to the ex-Russian Spy and his Russian daughter as British Citizens; I don’t know about you but that was something that caught my eye.

If we start to refer to the Sergei Skripal as a British Citizen, it will certainly sound very different to the average individual. An ex-Russian spy being poisoned by Russia is something that some would describe as the usual M.O. for the Russians since the 70s. Calling him a British citizen shows me that the ball is shifting. I personally don’t think many people realise that, and we are only a few misunderstandings away from a someone like Trump to push things in the wrong direction. 

I know what you’re thinking, oh there are plenty of safeguards against this sort of thing. The thing is that I feel like Trump is the little kid at the grown-ups party simply bouncing around till he gets real attention. It’s just that this little guy has a stockpile of nuclear weapons, is considered the leader of the free world and is a major superpower; sure what could go wrong.

And who is he backing up?

Theresa May.

I have to be honest, I kinda feel bad for her. She got elected as prime minister because Cameron screwed up in the Brexit referendum, and she wasn’t even elected with a normal election. Currently holds an atrocious approval rating and she has to lead the UK out of the EU.  

People need to get away from the sleight of hand being performed in front us and take off the wool that is covering our eyes and elect leaders that really do make a difference. And maybe we could ostracise those who have failed us, as a warning to any future politicians who want to take their country for a joy ride.


So that’s what has been going on, tune in next month for another parade of noteworthy gambles by the egomaniacs we call world leaders.