With society turning into one big complaints department, thank God for capitalism…


I mean it, take a good look at your local social media feeds and you’ll find too many people, complaining about too many arbitrary things.apple-applications-apps-607812


We are slowly but surely becoming lazier, ridiculously wastefully and self-centered. 



So why is it a good thing that we live in a capitalist society?

Well complaining about a problem doesn’t always solve problems and when it does, it is simply a patch up job that is only there as a quick fix; but does not solve the heart of the problem. This allows the problem to resurface later on. The best case scenario here very often is that the situation hasn’t gotten worse.

A capitalist society means that someone will find a solution, for a price. Eventually, the price goes down and becomes more affordable for the many. Many people agree that trickle-down economics backfired, but trickle down technology means that eventually, everyone gets a better quality of life.

How does capitalism therefore help?

Well, the short answer is: it drives progress. Capitalism is all about profit, this is what a business is out to acquire. Very often, that means having the latest product that offers more value for money than the competition. And somebody has to make that latest product. That somebody is paid a lot of money for a very profitable idea, so people do have an incentive to excel in the convenient world we have built for ourselves.

It’s kinda funny, isn’t it…

Human beings are the only species that could achieve a global unity; yet for us to have come thus far, we were driven by the hard-wired lesson in our minds on having a selfish sense of self-preservation. 


People should try to pursue a dream with passion, even more so when it has the potential to sustain them and become their livelihood. When people do this they are helping an economy grow in a positive way, this is why we need to support our local entrepreneurs. These are the builders of a better world.

If you have a dream then follow it. If you know someone who has a dream and you can help, do it.

Is this ideal, actually yes. As society continues to advance its means of communication the world is becoming a smaller place, so the means to help one another is growing. 


Progress is not driven by big corporations who handle small problems, but by small individuals who understand the big picture to find the solution.