They’ve rattled their sabres , but will they draw battle lines?


As more countries declare their sympathy for the UK. so do the tension’s with Russia grow. The British have been gaining a lot of solidarity and sympathy and the game is afoot once more. 

Some people are concerned though, especially with a small question that no-one seems to be asking.

are we escalating this a little quickly?

I don’t know about you, but Theresa May’s threats ring a little hollow(… and with blonde Boris talking to the press….well, that’s a blog article on its own and for another time), while some insist that this is just a show for the public too. What we do know is happening, is that everyone is pointing a lot of fingers and luckily they aren’t pointing at any buttons yet.

The fact that this story is becoming so large, might be an indication that the story in itself has no climatic ending but rather will quietly pull back out of the spotlight and that will be the end of it. 

An interesting thing, however, occurs across the pond as Trump fired Rex Tillerson( was Secretary of State within the Trump administration) and replaced him with Mike Pompeo to take over. For those who haven’t heard of him, Mike Pompeo was the Director of the CIA(…oh boy…) until Trump recently made him Secretary of State.

Before somebody jumps to conclusions, it was a well-known fact that Tillerson had many friends in Russia, but that was a long time. So Trump had no choice but to fire the guy as he can’t have someone who is so close to him, have friends in Moscow while Trump is putting his loyalty with the UK.

While I’m typing this, the chatter has started about Theresa May’s deadline and I will give you guys an update about what I think is happening based on what they tell us.

Till then I invite you all to place the first bets on the following question:

Will they walk into the ring, or call off the match?


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