I’m a very positive person when people talk about their dreams and or goals but I am also a realist.

…And the reality is that a perfect world doesn’t exist.

Today’s hardcore liberals fight for what seems a Utopian world in which everyone is nice, friendly and understanding towards their fellow human beings. This, however, is impossible for a very simple thing called Human Nature. 

Human nature at its core is typically a self-centered nature, in the sense that at a primitive level, any animal like ourselves thinks primarily of self-preservation and then the preservation of others. Human beings have much higher levels of complex thinking that animals do and this is where self-sacrifice comes into play. Self-sacrifice, however, requires very strong emotions which are easy to have for those closest to us such as children, parents, close relatives and perhaps close friends. So far it is normal for a person to express a little self-sacrifice towards the above mentioned because an emotional connection exists towards these people. 

But this is where normality ends and fantasy begins…

In a Utopian world everyone would love everyone even before they met them; is this possible?

This in itself is impossible since love is affected by various chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. These chemicals typically depend on a very crucial event…. meeting the person. So it stands to reason that for a person to love everyone on earth they would need to meet everyone on earth and get along with them. As many can imagine, this is impossible.

Can we at least learn to show respect towards everyone on earth?

It can be done, but respect must be mutual and that means no one could ever make you angry or displease you. Otherwise resentful feelings surface and that pushes us away from respect and love. 

This is where I must point out that many people who push for a Utopian society (aka social justice warriors), start to have their mask of good intent crumble. The reason is that whenever their views or opinions are expressed they immediately show hostility and aggression. Even in the face of a calm individual who is simply trying to converse and better understand their perspective, they are quick to fire off a verbal assault of labels such bigot or fascist. 

Isn’t it ironic that those who call for social justice, very often act like bigoted fascists?

So to summarize the above I just want to say that a Utopia can’t happen, but what we can do is learn to compromise on topics to find common ground for mutual benefit. 



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