Safe Spaces are a danger to society


Many would think that the idea of being in a place where you cannot be judged sounds like a good idea. Who wouldn’t want to live a life where they are never challenged and everyone obeys the thought police, and one must not forget that no matter what; you would never be wrong. Safe spaces sound more like authoritarianism. 


One of the most fundamental human rights is freedom of expression.


This means that if I don’t agree with something, I can say so even if the majority of society agrees with it as long as I am not standing in anyone’s way to express themselves. 

Sounds complicated? It’s actually a lot easier in principle. All you need to do is ask your self the following: Is what I’m doing going to block other people’s expression? If the answer is no then go right ahead. However, if your expression blocks other people’s expression then you can not. 

Now many would think this is what progressive liberals fight for, at least that’s what they claim. However, the problem with safe spaces is that even if someone attempts to debate in a constructive manner, any challenge is morally and socially wrong. The lack of logic goes that in a safe space one can escape reality and be exempt from judgement.  Is this a bad thing? Yes, because this leads to anarchy where everyone can say what they want as long as it is a progressive and liberal idea. Now that last statement sounds a little self-contradictory but that is what safe spaces are in the real world. The proof of this is that conservatives are not welcome in safe spaces. Why? Because they challenge the liberals with hard evidence and the liberals deal only in feelings. Feelings are becoming the new currency for the procurement of entitlement.

How ironic that those who promote inclusion, understanding and a no judgement perspective would bar entry to someone because of that individual’s perspective.


How can anyone have the ego to expect that their actions are not judged. I’m not talking about a stereotypical prejudice, I’m talking about judging a person based on their actions. Colleges around the world are turning teenagers into weakly minded snowflakes that cannot face the real-life consequences of the decisions they make.  

The entire concept of a place where someone is free from judgement exists only in a Utopian society, a society that is not real and is simply fictitious. If you can’t handle the truth then you can’t handle living in a society. 


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